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Karate Martial Arts Classes in Rochdale for Children, Ladies & Families

Visit our professional Academy & find out just how Unique our sessions are and just how much you will benefit from regular Martial Arts tuition. We offer an amazing LIFESKILL & Character Development Programme which ensures every student mentally & physically develops. We guarantee you will be very impressed after your FREE class that you will want to take part in our Excellent Trial Membership option. CLICK HERE to book your FREE class.

Martial Arts For Children

Visit our professional full-time Academy and find out just how our programmes will dramatically Improve Self-Confidence, Improve Concentration & Focus in school and ultimately turn your child into a highly successful adult.

For well over 10 years our parents have been extremely impressed at how their child has used the LIFESKILLS taught at the Academy in their school and home life. Our LIFESKILL & Character Development Programme ensures children start to help around the house more, set personal goals, put in more effort in school and learn how to be a good member of society. Please book your child a FREE Class, contact us below and one of our friendly team will contact you to discuss your personal goals.

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With classes 7 days a week, Highly Commended by
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BEST Martial Arts Academy around.

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Our Academy

Hello and thank you for visiting our excellent ‘Family Martial Arts’ website. Our award winning, ‘Highly Commended’ Academy offers excellent Martial Arts tuition for all the family from 3 years and upwards.

We are extremely family orientated and would love to see you and your family take part in a FREE session with one of our highly qualified, professional instructors. Please click on one of the boxes above which best describes your needs. You could qualify for a FREE uniform and a FREE month of classes.

I look forward to personally seeing you soon.

Yours in Karate

Sensei Dervish, 4th Dan Black Belt
BSc (Hons). Sport & Exercise Science. PGCE.
Founder, Chief Instructor & Managing Director.
Kaizen-Do Karate – The Family Martial Arts

The Benefits

We guarantee that whatever your goals are we will be able to help. If you are an adult that wants to lose weight, or be more confident or learn self-defence we WILL be able to help. If you are a parent who wants their child to; improve their Focus or Respect, do better in school or improve their Confidence we WILL be able to help.

Please read our numerous TESTIMONIALS.
When joining our excellent Academy ALL students, including you and your family will achieve endless benefits, the main ones are;

  • YOU will benefit from raised
  • YOU will benefit from better
    Concentration & Focus
  • YOU will benefit from an enhanced

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Coach of The Year Sensei Dervish

Amongst many other titles our Chief Instructor, Sensei Dervish has achieved COACH OF THE YEAR, the award was not simply for the art of Karate but across many other sports. The Academy has also achieved the ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED’ status from Rochdale Council in addition to their Springboard/Sports Mark Gold accreditation. Please don’t let you or your family down by joining a club with ‘below average’ coaching and infrastructure. The word Kaizen-Do means to continually improve which is exactly what the Academy does, you and your child will also continually improve after enrolling.

The Award Winning Academy has too many titles to list here so book your FREE class to find out just why we are clearly the best around. We 100% guarantee that you will be very impressed with our Academy & our teaching methods.

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