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How will my child benefit from being a Junior Dragon?

The greatest gift you can give your child is Martial Arts and at our Academy with our Unique LIFESKILL & Character Development programme they will definitely benefit.

There are endless benefits your child will receive from joining our Junior Dragon program but parents have found that;

  • YOUR CHILD will have Raised Self Confidence
  • YOUR CHILD will have Improved Social Skills
  • YOUR CHILD will have Increased Fitness Levels
  • YOUR CHILD will have Enhanced Lifestyle
  • YOUR CHILD will have Raised Discipline


Our Instructors are full-time and as a result of our very successful ‘Karate For Concentration’ school provision they teach 1000+ children each week so are fully efficient in getting the best out of every child they teach. We have the biggest timetable in the area and are open 7 days a week so we can fit in with your busy lives.

We are not a ‘short term fix’ and enrolling onto our programmes helps achieves endless benefits and LIFESKILLS, your child will learn so many transferable skills that will set them apart from the rest.

I am positive that as a parent you will agree that putting a cost on being able to defend themselves and learning LIFESKILLS that will make your child more successful is priceless. We truly believe that Karate is a LIFESKILL, it is just as important as learning to swim, if not more so because it teaches so many other things that teachers, schools and other sports can’t.

Our Classes

All students build up good relationships with students of similar age and their instructors, our teaching is so much more than just learning to kick & punch we look at improving the ‘all round’ individual. Upon enrolment students are placed on our home rules program which helps them become better in their home environment and encourages them to help their parents out more. In addition to this we also provide anti-bullying programs which aim to make all students bully proof. Our students are the happiest and well-mannered in the borough because of our excellent classes.

Each student is treated as an individual and our team of qualified instructors build on every student’s confidence from day 1. The classes are such a positive environment that your child will leave feeling refreshed and confident that they can do anything that they put their mind to. Running throughout our classes is our ‘be a leader not a follower’ theme, this raises all the juniors confidence and determination.


My three children Niamh, Patrick & Sean have attended sessions for a few months and they all really enjoy training and learning new skills. Each session builds their basic skills and allows them to develop at their own pace. I would recommend this Academy as it is very family friendly. All the staff have a fantastic manner and the children feel very much that they can ask for help should they need it. Niamh, Patrick & Sean are motivated and encouraged by the staff and making progress towards their next belt. There is excellent communication from the club with emails, the website, letters and access to their you tube channel to support the children’s learning.

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