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Martial Arts provision from 3-6 year

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How will my child benefit from being a Little Ninja?

The greatest gift you can give your child is Martial Arts and at our Academy with our Unique LIFESKILL & Character Development programme they will definitely benefit.

There are endless benefits your child will receive from joining our Little Ninja program but parents have found that;

  • YOUR CHILD will have Better Motor Skills
  • YOUR CHILD will have Raised Self Confidence
  • YOUR CHILD will have Enhanced Manners And Behaviour
  • YOUR CHILD will be able to better Follow Instructions
  • YOUR CHILD will have Improved Fitness Levels

Our Instructors are full-time and as a result of our very successful ‘Karate For Concentration’ school provision they teach 1000+ children each week so are fully efficient in getting the best out of every child they teach. We have the biggest timetable in the area and are open 7 days a week so we can fit in with your busy lives.

We are not a ‘short term fix’ and enrolling onto our programmes helps achieves endless benefits and LIFESKILLS, your child will learn so many transferable skills that will set them apart from the rest.

I am positive that as a parent you will agree that putting a cost on being able to defend themselves and learning LIFESKILLS that will make your child more successful is priceless. We truly believe that Karate is a LIFESKILL, it is just as important as learning to swim, if not more so because it teaches so many other things that teachers, schools and other sports can’t.


Our daughter Emma attends Karate 3 times a week. Since joining this club she has gained lots more confidence in herself and her ability. She has become much stronger both physically and mentally and strives to achieve her goals. She enjoys going to Karate as she has made lots of new friends, she finds the classes fun and energetic and always leaves the club happy and full of energy. I would recommend this club to any parent who wants their child to develop in their confidence and ability, to help them become stronger in themselves and believe in themselves, and also achieve their goals and dreams. Sensei Dervish is an excellent teacher who has a great rapport with both adults and children. Keep up the good work Dervish.

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