Thank you for booking your Martial Arts Consultation at our Martial Arts school. Booking a Consultation (RRP £39.99)at our Martial Arts School must mean you are looking for more than a ‘Karate Club’. You have found the right place and you will quickly see that we are far more than ‘kicks &punches’. You may have been interested in our Character Development and LIFESKILL programme, or maybe our Personal Development curriculum, regardless of your desired outcome I am positive we can help. It is best to address from the outset that we are NOT a Karate ‘club’ that teaches purely physical skills. We are a Martial Arts school that teaches Personal Development & improves LIFESKILLS. If you want your child or your family to improve in so many ways other than physical fitness, then we are the right fit for you. There is a downloadable report at the bottom of this page that you need to review before your first visit.

We want all of our members to benefit from; increased Focus that will help them improve at school or at work, improved Discipline that will help them set and achieve goals, unshakeable Confidence and Character that will help them in every step of their life. We want our family members to spend quality time together doing something valuable. Self-defence, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle tone, self-discipline, and self-confidence are only a few of the many advantages you can gain from this programme. You will see upon your first visit that we are not a ‘club’; we are a martial arts school.


Please thoroughly read the information/downloads contained on this page.

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What to do before your Consultation?

– Call us to confirm your first visit and that both parents/guardians are attending

– Watch the ‘your first visit’ video, can be found here (plus we should have sent you a text and email with the link on

– Read the information/downloads on this page.

– Make sure anybody involved in the Personal Development journey is present for your Martial Arts Consultation (this is mandatory for the 2nd lesson too)

Don’t forget to confirm your attendance, call us on 07739 746 836 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 3 questions we often get asked:

1. Is Kaizen-Do Karate the right thing for me and my family?

If you are just ‘looking for something to do’ then NO! If you are looking for just physical fitness and technical skill development, then no (even though we do improve that). If you are looking for something that helps bring the best out of you and your family and something whose impact will extend far beyond the 4 walls of the Martial Arts School, then YES we are for you. If the main benefits you are looking to achieve are; Focus, Determination, Self-Control, Perseverance, avoidance of negative peer pressure, learning to set and achieve goals then YES we are for you.

2. This programme sounds excellent – when can I enrol?

Following your consultation you will be given some ‘personal development homework’ linked into our self-discipline programme. Students need to complete this before their second visit to ensure they qualify to enroll. You will be given the chance to earn your first belt. Upon your first visit you will see that we are not a typical Karate club that just offers karate, there is SO MUCH to our programmes. We are a Martial Arts School that develops character.

3. Do I need to join in?

We strongly recommend that for the first 2 lessons parents/guardians do join in just so you are aware of the programme. We are a family-based School so parents and more than welcome to train with their children. There may even be family Black Belts assisting in your first 2 lessons.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, I am looking forward to seeing you and your family here at the School soon. Do not forget to watch the video and have a thorough read of the information/downloads.

Sensei Dervish, 5th Dan Black Belt
BSc Sport & Exercise Science. PGCE.
MD & Founder, Kaizen-Do Karate – Black Belt Academy

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