Karate Martial Arts Classes in Rochdale for Children, Ladies & Families

Visit our professional Academy & find out just how Unique our sessions are and just how much you will benefit from regular Martial Arts tuition. We offer an amazing LIFESKILL & Character Development Programme which ensures every student mentally & physically develops. We guarantee you will be very impressed after your FREE class that you will want to take part in our Excellent Trial Membership option. CLICK HERE to book your 2 FREE classes NOW.


Here are a selection of our LIFESKILLS – DEVELOPMENT and CHARACTER development programs

Martial Arts For Children

Visit our professional full-time Academy and find out just how our programmes will dramatically Improve Self-Confidence, Improve Concentration & Focus in school and ultimately turn your child into a highly successful adult.

For well over 10 years our parents have been extremely impressed at how their child has used the LIFESKILLS taught at the Academy in their school and home life. Our LIFESKILL & Character Development Programme ensures children start to help around the house more, set personal goals, put in more effort in school and learn how to be a good member of society. Please book your child a FREEClass, contact us below and one of our friendly team will contact you to discuss your personal goals.



Our Academy

Hello and thank you for visiting our excellent ‘Family Martial Arts’ website. Our award winning, ‘Highly Commended’ Academy offers excellent Martial Arts tuition for all the family from 3 years and upwards.

We are extremely family orientated and would love to see you and your family take part in a FREE session with one of our highly qualified, professional instructors. Please click on one of the boxes above which best describes your needs. You could qualify for a FREE uniform and a FREE month of classes.

I look forward to personally seeing you soon.

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Sensei Dervish
5th Dan Black Belt
BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science PGCE
Founder, Chief Instructor & Managing Director
Kaizen-Do Karate – The Family Martial Arts Academy


My son Luke has been attending Kaizen-Do Karate for 2 years. We originally signed him up to help Luke with his self-confidence. We have seen a huge improvement in this as well as seeing him grow in other areas of his personality. The Sensei’s have been so supportive of Luke through the few wobbles he has had along the way when things get tough. The Sensei’s have a genuine interest in his wellbeing and Luke respects their opinion and wants to do well. It is not just the Sensei’s that make the Academy a success. The desk staff are always smiling and helpful and the place is clean! Luke often talks about becoming a Sensei himself one day to follow in his mentor’s footsteps. I think this just shows the impact that Kaizen-Do has had on a 10 year old’s life! I cannot recommend the Academy enough!

Julie Barber; Student Luke Barber Lvl2

What a Remarkable Karate Academy, this is a place that strives for Excellence. Where Kindness and Compassion meets Respect and Discipline with Exceptionally Family Friendly Sensei’s and Team Members. It’s a Great addition to my Children’s lives and has given them Confidence, not only at Karate but in every aspect of their life. It teaches them Respect. With so many other Qualities and Values that are reinforced daily. My Four Children have been attending for just over 2 years now with the past 6 months being full time they still love going, they adore and look up to all the Sensei’s. I would Highly Recommend Kaizen-Do Karate to help your Children with Goal Setting, Character Development and Self Defence.

Lauren Jones; Students The Jones’s Lvl 1&2

Absolutely the best decision I ever made bringing my son to Kaizen_Do karate. All the staff on the front desk are so friendly and helpful. The Sensei’s are all amazing and are so attentive and have all become massive role models in his life. My son has been coming for over 18 months and I can see a massive difference in his behaviour and attitude and they are all teaching him some very valuable life lessons. Massive 5 out of 5!

Claire Hurst; Student Leon Hurst Lvl1

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