What will I get out of Kaizen-Do Karate?

  • Lose Weight, Tone Up
  • Learn Self-Defence
  • Gain Confidence

One of our Excellent female instructors leads our Exciting Ladies only programme and it is for all ladies of any age and ability. Most of our ladies enrol because they want to lose weight, get fit and learn how to defend themselves but in a fun ‘non-gym’ environment. Our fantastic Ladies only programme helps all ladies achieve so many of their personal goals but they also create friends along the way. We will definitely improve your lifestyle!

Our Classes & Academy…

Our classes are as challenging as you want them to be and they will help you lose weight and tone up making you instantly feel better about yourself. The classes are fitness based with ‘sport Karate’ techniques covered to help you achieve your personal goals. The classes also cover effective self defence techniques created exclusively for ladies with the modern world in mind. Don’t think that our Ladies only programme just teaches you to kick and punch like in the old Kung Fu films; our amazing Ladies only classes blend lots of Martial Arts and cutting edge fitness knowledge together to give you a good workout & help you achieve your goals. Sensei Dervish has a degree in Sport & Exercise science and lectured in the subject for 7 years, he used these skills when designing the programme in order to get the best results possible. Our team of instructors are highly experienced and have carried out years of training to make all ladies get the best results possible.



I’m Emma Gillatt, an adult currently on the Black Belt Fastrack programme. I have been attending the Academy for approx 12 months. The Academy has really helped me to work towards my goal of reaching my Black Belt level, as well as helping me get fit as I get older. I began Karate 20 years ago but I never got the chance to go for my Black Belt. Now the Academy has inspired me to try again, 2nd time lucky. The best thing at the Academy for me is the new wonderful friends I’ve made, everyone is so welcoming and supportive