Little Ninjas Kids

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How will my child benefit from being a Little Ninja?

The greatest gift you can give your child is Martial Arts and at our Academy with our Unique LIFESKILL & Character Development programme they will definitely benefit.

There are endless benefits your child will receive from joining our Little Ninja program but parents have found that;

  • YOUR CHILD will have Better Motor Skills
  • YOUR CHILD will have Raised Self Confidence
  • YOUR CHILD will have Enhanced Manners And Behaviour
  • YOUR CHILD will be able to better Follow Instructions
  • YOUR CHILD will have Improved Fitness Levels

Our Instructors are full-time and as a result of our very successful ‘Karate For Concentration’ school provision they teach 1000+ children each week so are fully efficient in getting the best out of every child they teach. We have the biggest timetable in the area and are open 7 days a week so we can fit in with your busy lives.

We are not a ‘short term fix’ and enrolling onto our programmes helps achieves endless benefits and LIFESKILLS, your child will learn so many transferable skills that will set them apart from the rest.

I am positive that as a parent you will agree that putting a cost on being able to defend themselves and learning LIFESKILLS that will make your child more successful is priceless. We truly believe that Karate is a LIFESKILL, it is just as important as learning to swim, if not more so because it teaches so many other things that teachers, schools and other sports can’t.


"Our daughter Emma attends Karate 3 times a week. Since joining this club she has gained lots more confidence in herself and her ability. She has become much stronger both physically and mentally and strives to achieve her goals. She enjoys going to Karate as she has made lots of new friends, she finds the classes fun and energetic and always leaves the club happy and full of energy. I would recommend this club to any parent who wants their child to develop in their confidence and ability, to help them become stronger in themselves and believe in themselves, and also achieve their goals and dreams. Sensei Dervish is an excellent teacher who has a great rapport with both adults and children. Keep up the good work Dervish."

"I don't know why I haven't reviewed Kaizen-Do Karate yet? My girl has been coming here almost 12 months & she absolutely love's it!! The change in her conference has come on leaps & bounds, it was a tough beginning she would cry cling on to me as she did at nursery. All the Sensei' s have been so patient with her & gave her support she needed to build on confidence encourage by team work, praise & certificate give a sense of success achieved, with an aim to work harder. Within weeks of starting karate, the nursery crying had stopped & we had a girl running in bursting to tell her teaches about karate, certificates & how silly the Sensei had been during the lesson. 😉 September was the start of school & confidence had taken a hammering & everything seemed to big or to hard but the Sensei’s at Kaizen-Do karate helped her through this tough time as they did in the beginning building up the confidence she lost & now what can I say? We still have wobbles, but nothing compared 12 months ago! Most of this is down to the Sensei`s good relationship with our children giving our kids a sense power of what they can achieve on their own & life skills to help them prepare for the big wide world & our kids are worth it! Thank you Kaizen-Do "
Sam Beardsley; Student Magdalena LN-JD
"My little boy Dylan has been coming here for nearly 8 months now. When looking for a martial arts school this one was the only one I could find which offered teachings to under 5's which I thought was brilliant. Since joining Dylan was 3 at the time and he has come on leaps and bounds! From being very shy, some days we would struggle to get him on the mat! But his Sensei's have always been very patient with him and disciplined, whilst making it a very fun environment. Now he loves it. I have noticed he usually always has the same instructors too which really helps at such a young age as Dylan has managed to form a great relationship with them. Always a welcome environment. Thankyou. "
Lauren Holt; Student Dylan Rushton LN
"Scarlett has been coming for three weeks I can already see a difference in her confidence at home and at nursery she loves it "
Heather Bowker; Student Scarlett Groves LN
"My daughter has been coming here for about three years she loves it I would highly recommend it . "
Nicholas Welden; Student Katie Welden Lvl2
"I can't recommend Kaizen-Do Karate highly enough. My son and I have been members since June 2016 and would encourage anyone looking to improve their physical or mental health to consider joining - Sensei Dervish's team of amazing instructors (notably Sensei Tom Hay, who's spent a lot of time with me personally and contributed greatly to my own progress) make time to address your individual needs and make you feel part of the Academy's family. This should be your New Year's Resolution. "
Steve Kuncewickz; student and parent of James Kucewickz
"Brilliant karate school. The instructors and staff are friendly and helpful. Scarlet’s confidence and discipline have improved, and she loves coming to class. Highly recommended! "
Kim Dunphy; Student Scarlet Falcus-Brown
"Very enjoyable and plenty of fun. A brilliant environment for learning and developing life skills including confidence building and responsibility. "
Bea Zully; Student Zoeya
"Our first experience of Kaizen-Do was just over 3 years ago when my eldest son was invited to his friend's birthday party. He immediately enjoyed it and wanted to join, so he did, and he is now a brown belt. It has helped him with a variety of different things, such as respect, focus and determination. I am a firm believer in discipline and there is a big focus on that in karate. All of the Sensei’s are great role models for the younger students, being firm but fair, and they are all approachable and encouraging. They go out of their way to help your child improve. Thanks to a demonstration at Norden Carnival in 2016, my youngest son also got the karate bug and joined the Academy just over a year ago. The Sensei’s have helped him progress quickly and both my children now thoroughly enjoy it. There is a wide variety of classes and if you miss one, unlike with lots of other children's activities, you can make it up at any time. My sons and I would recommend and have recommended Kaizen-Do to anyone who wants to take up karate. "
Ian Almond; Student David & Thomas Almond
"My boy has been going to karate for one year. He loves it. He’s gained so much confidence and good discipline. It has really helped within school too. All the sensei’s and staff are very welcoming and understanding. Definitely recommend"
Kay Hinchliffe; Student Andrew Hinchliffe
"Wonderful karate Academy. Fun for all the family with excellent teachers."
Anne Ingham; Student Harry Ingham
"Fantastic, family friendly karate Academy. Our son has been going for just over a year now and he loves it. We go 3 times a week and he always has great lessons, the instructors are all brilliant and he is always learning. The improvement he has made since starting is great to see and the extra private lessons are well worth the money. His confidence, school work, concentration have all improved since starting karate. They don't just teach karate, they teach important life skills too. There is always a friendly face behind the desk to greet you when you arrive.Would highly recommend this karate Academy. "
Louise Thompson; Student Alfie Thompson
"Fantastic patient instructors my son loves going to karate and his self-confidence has grown since he started at Kaizen-Do Karate. Amazing place"
Charlotte Gadsby; Student Daniel Gadsby