Here are a small selection of our testimonial gathered over the years for working in many schools since 2007.

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Parkinson Lane School
Great link to Lifeskills- manners. Got everyone’s attention throughout at their level, fast paced, clear instructions- repetition. Encouraging to staff and children and encouraging to children to be fit. Childrens thoughts: Super, Great, Wonderful and
Thank you
Katy Owen of Parkinson Lane School

Crossgates Primary school
Great manner with the children. Positive reinforcement. All children were engaged.
Children’s comments raged from “AWESOME” to “FANTASTIC and AMAZING”
L Farnsworth of Crossgates Primary school

Parkinson Lane School
The workshop was very structured and made easy which allowed the children to follow it.
Excellent interaction shown with the children. The children were engaged at all times and loved the workshop. Well done Sensei
Mr T Mahmood of Parkinson Lane School

Crossgates Primary School
Great enthusiasm, prompted self discipline, good manners and respect. the children responded well.

Children were motivated to do well and the class was snappy and fun modelled on respect, discipline and good energy.
Thanks you
Miss Bolton of Crossgates Primary School

Parkinson Lane School
Fantastic management of the class ensuring they were all on task, Focused and listening, every child thoroughly enjoyed the karate and seemed enthusiastic to take part again.
The children will remember this positive experience and all achieved at their own level. Thank you for a fabulous lesson
Miss V Field of Parkinson Lane School

Crossgates Primary School
Children really enjoyed their session. engagement was high and children listened well. Fast paced session and children learnt a few karate skills.

The children came out with high self esteem and feeling proud.
Sarah Dempsey of Crossgates Primary School

Heybrook Primary school 
Excellent manner with the class, all were engaged. Fantastic pacing, time for children to listen, absorb and then act. Lots of action, was enjoyed by all. Would recommend.
Sam Tomlinson of Heybrook Primary school

Heybrook Primary school
Very engaging session. Children loved it and behaviour management as fantastic. Displayed how to be good citizens by showing each other respect.
A Vernazza of Heybrook Primary school

Heybrook Primary school
Thoroughly enjoyable session for the children. Very clear about expectations of behaviour and continuously reinforced karate should only take place under supervision and importance of manners. Excellent rapport with children, they enjoyed the use of humour in the session. Everybody was included and active. Clear demonstration and instructions.
Thank you!
Miss Akhter of Heybrook Primary school

Healey Primary school
Good interaction with the children. Children could understand all instructions clear. Very good teaching. All children engaged and enjoyed. Superb teaching, all children understood
instructions and want to join the breakfast club.
All children really enjoyed. The children responded well. Excellent teaching and rapport with the children.
Year 4 teacher at Healey Primary school

Healey Primary school
Children loved the Karate. They all said they would love to go to the club or to the breakfast club which might be in school. All the children smiled all the way through the lesson.
A great activity.
Year 1 teacher at Healey Primary school

Healey Primary school
All the children engaged and enjoyed. Superb teaching, all the children could understand instructions and wanted to join the breakfast club. Great interaction with the children.
Year 4 teacher at Healey Primary school


Heybrook Primary School
The karate sessions have been a huge success and have been eagerly joined by the children right across the school. The delivery is excellent, the manner and the relationship with the
childrenis extremely positive. The level of discipline and respect developing amongst the pupils is clear to see.
Hopefully Sensei Dervish will have a long term presence at Heybrook School.
Deputy Head, Richard Rigg of Heybrook Primary School

Smithybridge Primary School 
This has been a really popular club with all ages. It offers skill development, high discipline levels and fun. Children are keen to participate and get value for money.
They are bursting to learn after the early morning sessions.
Head Teacher, Jane George of Smithybridge Primary School

Crompton Primary School 
Crompton primary School enlisted the services of Sensei Dervish 3 and a half years ago to start a karate club to bolster its after school sports provision. Kaizen-do basis its instruction around values of politeness, courtesy, respect and discipline which tie in well with our own school values. The club has stood the test of time and proven to be a challenging and rewarding addition to the range of extracurricular clubs on offer at the school. Sensei Dervish instils the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which can play a vital role in the attitude of pupils, enabling them to improve and challenge themselves and helping to instil a lifelong love of sport.
Head Teacher, Martin Moore of Crompton Primary School

Hodge Clough Primary School 
Kaizen-Do Karate has delivered after school clubs at Hodge Clough for some time now and this term I have used our SSP budget to deliver two PE lessons – one for Yr 3 focusing on respect, discipline and self motivation and one for Yr 6 to challenge them to ‘dig deep’ and work through the pain barrier to achieve their best. I don’t generally recommend coaches but his delivery style is great and the kids absolutely love the sessions.

Nicola Smith of Hodge Clough Primary School

Holy Family Primary School
Karate has been a huge success at Holy Family. Sensei has built up a great rapport with all the children and the children have been extremely responsive to his teaching. The pupils have shown improvements in many ways. They now show a passion for a greater range of sports and their energy has been positively channelled through the karate sessions. All pupils have grown in confidence and discipline.
Elizabeth Evans of Holy Family Primary School

Brimrod Community School 
‘I am so pleased that we invited Sensei Dervish into our School to teach the children from year 1- 6 Karate. He has an excellent manner with the children. He is extremely reliable and is
doing a fantastic job of teaching the children to be respectful of the sport and each other. Each group is oversubscribed as word gets around and it is really helping to meet the healthy
schools agenda at our school. This is also a fun, creative & healthy way to extend our school curriculum’
Kay Whitfield – Year 6 teacher & sports coordinator – Brimrod Community School

Marland Hill Primary School 
Kaizen-Do Karate & Marland Hill first joined forces in February 2009. Since then a group of 10 children have taken part in 2 programs, an initial 10 weeks followed by a further 6 weeks due to the first programs success. Each of the children who have taken part have benefited hugely from the energetic & enthusiastic teaching Sensei Dervish offers. From the start, the children felt more than comfortable around Sensei Dervish and the rapport he has developed with the children is clear for all to see. As a result of the training, not only has the general fitness of the children improved but there has been a noticeable levels of all involved. Watching the children, who before the programme began lacked that all important self confidence, perform knee strikes, snap kicks and mind boggling kata sequences is quite simply amazing. I am sure the partnership between Marland Hill & Kaizen-Do Karate will continue to be a huge success in the future.
Mr Nick Hudon, School Sports Coordinator, Marland Hill Primary School

Stanley Road Primary School
Kaizen-Do Karate offer outstanding value for money and all the children really enjoy each session and follow instructions carefully. There is excellent teaching across all ages and the
children don’t want the teaching to end. Sensei Dervish has been a good role model as well as a great instructor. He has taught the children to show discipline and respect to each other and themselves. We are definitely looking to have Kaizen-Do Karate and Sensei Dervish back in the near future.
Mr Jeff Markham, School Learning Mentor, Stanley Road Primary School