Karate For Concentration’

Unique School Provision

Our School Programs & Excellent Workshops

Our Academy works with lots of primary and secondary schools and tailors each schools ‘Karate for Concentration’ booking to their specific goals, most schools want to;

  • Improve Classroom Behaviour
  • Reinforce the need to Concentrate in class
  • Extend & Diversify their Out of Hours School Provision

We have ALWAYS received brilliant feedback and see improvements in the goals we set out to achieve.

What We Teach

Our ‘Karate for Concentration’ programmes have been designed by Sensei Dervish (PGCE) and Sensei Gillatt (PGCE). Having between them 15 years of formal teaching in secondary schools and colleges they have designed a truly unique selection of schemes of work which can be delivered to KS1, KS2, KS3 AND KS4. Our sessions are heavily underpinned with crucial LIFESKILLS and show children how to improve their Concentration, Respect, Determination plus many more.

Each session has clearly marked aims & objectives with corresponding session plans. We truly believe in our product and are passionate about its delivery, this is always visible throughout every session.

What We Offer

  • Before/Lunch/After school clubs
  • Curriculum time sessions (from reception upwards)
  • Full day (or 1/2 day) workshops that solely focus on ‘Concentration’, ‘Goal Setting’, ‘Anti Bullying’ and ‘How To Improve in School’.

We would be more than happy to arrange a FREE ‘Karate for Concentration’ visit in your school, email us now; senseidervish@kaizendokarate.com

We have a vast team of professional instructors that teach our successful LIFESKILL & Character Development program to any school that realises the many

benefits of our Unique Martial Arts tuition. Our Unique delivery uses Karate as a vehicle to achieve the school specific goals across all Key

stages. We work in many schools around Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Lancashire & West Yorkshire. Our ‘Karate for Concentration’ workshops & programs offer so much more than the typical ‘school sports clubs’ operating in many schools. Our workshops & programs teach and instil key LIFESKILLS and the importance of a healthy lifestyle in a fun and friendly environment, just some of the LIFESKILLS taught are;

  • Politeness
  • Courtesy
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Concentration

Running through each class are these key LIFESKILLS but they are also matched up with the importance of being a good individual, both at school and at home. If you are a head, deputy head, teacher or a school sports coordinator considering 1 of our programs please read the many teachers testimonials click here.

Click Here if Would you like to discuss our services in more detail or arrange a FREE no obligation ‘Karate for Concentration’ session.

Our Workshops & Programs

Our workshops and programs are so successful that EVERY school we have taught at has repeatedly booked our services. Our classes are that well received from the children that the majority of our Rochdale school students enrol into our Academy when the parent/guardian realise just how crucial our programmes are.  This shows that the children love the classes and is a true testament to the programme.

Kaizen-Do offers excellent teaching and learning which cannot be matched in the area. If you wish to contact a member of the team to chat about a FREE ‘Karate for Concentration’ session at your school please contact 07739 746 836 or click here.

CLICK HERE if you would like to discuss our services in more detail or arrange a FREE no obligation trial session?


Here are 6 of our latest testimonial gathered this month from our happy schools

Heybrook Primary School

The karate sessions have been a huge success and have been eagerly joined by the children right across the school. The delivery is excellent, the manner and the relationship with the children is extremely positive. The level of discipline and respect developing amongst the pupils is clear to see.
Hopefully Sensei Dervish will have a long term presence at Heybrook School.
Deputy Head, Richard Rigg of Heybrook Primary School

Smithybridge Primary School

This has been a really popular club with all ages. It offers skill development, high discipline levels and fun. Children are keen to participate and get value for money. They are bursting to learn after the early morning sessions.
Head Teacher, Jane George of Smithybridge Primary School

Holy Family Primary School

Karate has been a huge success at Holy Family. Sensei has built up a great rapport with all the children and the children have been extremely responsive to his teaching. The pupils have shown improvements in many ways. They now show a passion for a greater range of sports and their energy has been positively channelled through the karate sessions. All pupils have grown in confidence and discipline.
Elizabeth Evans of Holy Family Primary School

Crossgates Primary School

Great enthusiasm, prompted self discipline, good manners and respect. the children responded well. Children were motivated to do well and the class was snappy and fun modelled on respect, discipline and good energy.
Thanks you
Miss Bolton of Crossgates Primary School

Parkinson Lane School

Great link to Lifeskills- manners. Got everyone’s attention throughout at their level, fast paced, clear instructions- repetition. Encouraging to staff and children and encouraging to children to be fit. Childrens thoughts: Super, Great, Wonderful and amazing
Thank you
Katy Owen of Parkinson Lane School

Healey Primary School

Children loved the Karate. They all said they would love to go to the club or to the breakfast club which might be in school. All the children smiled all the way through the lesson. A great activity.
Year 1 teacher at Healey Primary school