We are very excited about the prospect of helping you and/or your child achieve the many benefits of karate at our excellent Academy.
Self-defence, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle tone, self-discipline, and self-confidence are only a few of the many advantages you can gain from this programme. Upon enrolment you will really see that LIFE SKILLS and personal development is what our Academy is all about.

Before your next lesson, watch this video, and then answer the questions below honestly. You should have been given the questions below during your 1st introductory class, if so, please write your answers on that sheet and discuss them with an instructor on your second visit.

At that time the program director will finalise your enrolment, explain more about how the programme works and assist you in setting goals for your progress. Goal setting is a massive part of our Academy and it ultimately helps students and families become more successful.
So, sit back, relax, and watch this video as a family! We look forward to speaking with you in your next lesson.

Thank You for Your Interest in our School and in the Kaizen-Do Karate Programme

Before your next (or first) visit, please answer these questions:

Q: What do I like about the program?

Q: What benefits do I expect to gain from karate?

Q: What days will I attend classes?

Q: Will I adhere to the values of the student creeds?

Q: Can I see myself setting a goal and following it though to completion?

It can take about 48 months to achieve black belt.

Q: Can we see participating as a family?

A high percentage of children enrolling have one or both parents attending classes with them. Consider enrolling as a family.

Q: Are we willing to support our school and share the value of its program with others?

The quality of our school depends largely upon the quality of our students. Our most committed students are referred to us by family and friends.

Q: Am I willing to commit myself?

If you and/or your child has completed all the necessary ‘white belt self-discipline’ sheet then you will be awarded your white belt in the second lesson. You should come to the second lesson prepared to finalize enrolment. A minimum deposit is required to cover initial tuition, and there are a wide variety of payment options available for continuing tuition coverage. The program director will help you select the one most appropriate for you. Both parents/guardians must be present for the enrolment of a child. Similarly, adults are encouraged to bring any family member that may be affected by the time, travel or financial commitment made by the student.

What’s the focus of our curriculum for children and families?
At Kaizen-Do Karate,® we have the #1 program for character development
and leadership training for children and families in UK.

Kaizen-Do Karate’s program is vigorously designed in conjunction with
experts in the field of education to provide social, physical, emotional, and attitudinal growth.

Why Karate Instruction Will Benefit Your Child

Kaizen-Do Karate’s program works hand in hand with a child’s schoolwork, providing improved self-discipline, self- confidence, mental alertness, and goal-setting skills. At Kaizen-Do Karate young people are taught that through dedicated, intense work, all worthwhile goals in life are possible. Parents have attributed our program with improved grades as a direct result of the increased achievement motivation, self-direction, and self-confidence provided by the program.

Goal Setting

It is important for each child to learn to set short-term, inter mediate, and long-term goals. At Sensei Dervish’s Kaizen-Do Karate every child’s goal is the Black Belt. A symbol of excellence in martial arts and an important tool for instructors and parents to use for developing desire, tenacity, and for teaching the importance of follow-through in any activity.

Exam Emphasis On Schoolwork

All young people in the program are required to bring copies of their grades from school, complete parent/teacher intent to promote forms, and complete exam qualification forms prior to testing. All of these support our focus on academic excellence as well as contribute to the family and the community. Sensei Dervish’s instructors work hand-in-hand with school teachers and parents to insure a well-balanced and focused development process for each child.

Proper Use of Skills

It is constantly stressed to all students that karate skills require them never to be abusive or offensive and are only for use defensively.


What tools and methods do we use to develop
the Kaizen-Do Karate® Black Belt traits?

Character Training & Development
Kaizen-Do Karate Orientation Class First Four Months Curriculum.

Block One: Good Attitude

The goal of this block is to teach the value of having a good attitude. Success in life is determined, more than anything else, by attitude.

Block Two: Good Habits

The goal of this block is to teach the value of having good habits. Good habits are hard to make,but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to make, but hard to live with.

Block Three: Good Self-Control

The goal of this block is to teach practical ways to handle emotions. A mighty person is one who has control over their emotions.

Block Four: Good Manners

The goal of this block is to teach the importance of courtesy and respect.
“You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

School Safe / Street Safe
Kaizen-Do Karate Orientation Class First Four Months Curriculum

Block One: ABC’s of Conflict Avoidance

The goal of this block is to learn how to avoid confrontation and conflict.


The goal of this block is to learn how to identify a lure and what to do if it happens to you.

Block Three: Five Rules of Safety

The goal of this block is to learn what to do if confronted and how to resolve the situation peacefully.

Block Four: Trust Your Intuition

The goal of this block is to learn practical techniques to fine-tune the student’s awareness and intuition.

Kids’ Self-Discipline Sheet
The Success and Self-Discipline Skills Our Students Learn in the School, Translate to Home Life!

Job List
On a Quest to be the Best. Develop good habits that will last a lifetime!

What results have other families and students, like you,
experienced at Kaizen-Do Karate®?

“We love this Academy and our son benefits so much in building his confidence, focus and strength from being a student here ”

I have had an experience visiting another karate school with my son – at the school I was not invited to stay to watch, even though it was our first time at that school, and was instead encouraged to leave; on returning slightly early to pick him up I was asked to stand in the changing room as my baby daughter made a sound and apparently disrupted the class through making this sound… In comparison – Kaizen Do karate has always been a family friendly environment. I have never been made to feel that I cannot stay to watch my son in his class or that my daughter is an imposition whilst she is with me watching her brother. There are facilities for family so that we are made to feel welcome and staff are so friendly. Sensei’s are actively involved in talking to parents and will welcome communication with us. The content of the lessons are always structured and focused whilst being appropriate to the age group so that the children are gaining the most they can from being there. Talking is specific and leads quickly to activity within a class. There are also often several Sensei’s available which allows a very good level of support to each student.; and each Sensei is encouraged to participate in teaching. Thank you to you all
— Laura Lynch, parent of George Lynch.

“Over the last 9 months Thomas has become a different person. ”

When Thomas started at Kaizen-Do Karate he was a very shy sensitive little boy who lacked self-confidence. He is confident and has self-belief, he isn’t afraid of speaking to new people or of speaking out in front of people. He is better behaved at home and is progressing much better at School.
All the qualities he has gained are thanks to the dedicated staff at Kaizen-Do Karate who are not only passionate but care about all the children they teach. They are amazing role models and i couldn’t thank them enough. Due to the belief the staff have in Thomas he truly believes and is truly determined that one day he will achieve his black belt and maybe even become an instructor himself.
Thank you for everything.

— Becky McCullough, parent of Thomas McCullough.

“They add vital life skills into the mix also to ensure Kaizen-Do is more than a club ”

All 3 of my children go to Kaizen Do, my middle son started over 2 years ago and I quickly saw improvements in his self-belief and confidence. My other 2 children started just over a year ago with the same results. Sensei Dervish and his team work tirelessly to progress the children, not only teaching karate – they add vital life skills into the mix also to ensure Kaizen-Do is more than a club. Could not recommend the Academy highly enough.

— John Knott, parent of Sam, Edward & Eve Knott

“Scarlet’s confidence and discipline have improved ”

Brilliant karate school. The instructors and staff are friendly and helpful. Scarlet’s confidence and discipline have improved, and she loves coming to class. Highly recommended!

— Kim Dunphy; aunty of Scarlet Falcus-Brown

“The Sensei’s have a genuine interest in his wellbeing ”

My son Luke has been attending Kaizen-Do Karate for 2 years. We originally signed him up to help Luke with his self-confidence. We have seen a huge improvement in this as well as seeing him grow in other areas of his personality. The Sensei’s have been so supportive of Luke through the few wobbles he has had along the way when things get tough. The Sensei’s have a genuine interest in his wellbeing and Luke respects their opinion and wants to do well. It is not just the Sensei’s that make the Academy a success. The desk staff are always smiling and helpful and the place is clean! Luke often talks about becoming a Sensei himself one day to follow in his mentor’s footsteps. I think this just shows the impact that Kaizen-Do has had on a 10 year old’s life! I cannot recommend the Academy enough!

— Julie Barber, parent of Luke Barber

“Since joining Dylan was 3 at the time and he has come on leaps and bounds.”

My little boy Dylan has been coming here for nearly 8 months now.
When looking for a martial arts school this one was the only one I could find which offered teachings to under 5’s which I thought was brilliant.
From being very shy, some days we would struggle to get him on the mat! But his Sensei’s have always been very patient with him and disciplined, whilst making it a very fun environment. Now he loves it. I have noticed he usually always has the same instructors too which really helps at such a young age as Dylan has managed to form a great relationship with them. Always a welcome environment. Thankyou.
–Lauren Holt, parent of Dylan Rushton

“Can’t recommend Kaizen-Do enough.”

Both my son and I attend, and it’s helped both of us focus on way more than just breaking boards.–Steve Kuncewicz, member and parent of James Kuncewicz

“I can’t recommend them Highly enough.”

Both my children aged 6 & 12 attend classes at Kaizen-Do Karate. You will find they cater for all demographics and it reflected in the people you see at the classes. The instructors are second to none, not only in their tuition but their attentiveness & ability to keep the attention of the youngest children in the biggest classes. They are keen to encourage leadership from within and often give students the opportunity to assist those of a lower grade. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Parent of Amber & Lewis Eyre

“We come to Karate as a family .”

our boys both started in Little Ninja’s and when our eldest was moved into Basic Training, we decided to give it a go too! We really enjoy the variety and challenge of all the classes, and training together as a family as we progress through the belts.

–Joanne Cooper, Rick Cooper and Leo and Aaron Cooper

“My six-year-old has grown in confidence, is listening and focusing more and school and home”

Fab experience at Kaizen do karate! My six-year-old has grown in confidence, is listening and focusing more and school and home. He has a huge sense of pride when he sees the progress his is making from belt to belt and the staff team from front of house to the Sensei’s are friendly helpful and really encouraging. Thank you everyone!!

—Vikki Mills, parent of Oliver Mills

“The change in her confidence has come on leaps & bounds”

All the Sensei’ s have been so patient with her & gave her support she needed to build on confidence encourage by teamwork, praise & certificate give a sense of success achieved, with an aim to work harder. Within weeks of starting karate, the nursery crying had stopped & we had a girl running in bursting to tell her teaches about karate and certificates. September was the start of school & confidence had taken a hammering & everything seemed to big or to hard but the Sensei’s at Kaizen-Do karate helped her through this tough time as they did in the beginning building up the confidence she lost & now what can I say? We still have wobbles, but nothing compared 12 months ago! Most of this is down to the Sensei`s good relationship with our children giving our kids a sense power of what they can achieve on their own & life skills to help them prepare for the big wide world & our kids are worth it! Thank you Kaizen-Do 

—Sam Beardsley, parent of Magdalena Beardsley

“His summer report was a great improvement in focus & concentration effort”

My son Bobby started coming to Kaizen-Do Karate this year. He has had short focus & concentration span. His summer report was a great improvement in focus & concentration effort. I am certain this improvement is due to the training he receives at Kaizen-Do Karate. 

—Ken Leigh, parent of Bobby Leigh